Julie Williams         Impressionist work by Jilli   

Wyoming artist, Jilli, specializes in the creation and sale of original artwork.  She works mainly in oils on canvas and linen, but has also worked with oils on leather, pen and ink sketches and watercolors.  Her work is impressionistic in style and covers a wide range of subject matter; from western landscapes to garden-scapes, portraits, wildlife and still-lifes of various topics.  Jilli's work has been displayed in art shows, shops and galleries throughout the states of Wyoming and Colorado.  She has been a member of the Wind River Art Guild and is currently a Wyoming Art Association and Wyoming Art Image Registry member.  She has created works for the Wyoming conservation stamp art competitions, winning an award of merit in 2006, and consistently lends her time and talent to Cowboys Against Cancer, the Annual Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expos and the local VFW.  As an annual contributor to the Green River Chamber of Commerce Tall Tails Events, Jilli's work has consistently been purchased at auction.  She has designed and been featured in three one-woman shows, created work for the Wyoming Rural Development Council and been filmed and interviewed by the National Outdoor Channel. 

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