Julie Williams         Impressionist work by Jilli   
Artist Statement

I believe Art should incorporate emotion and touch the heart,
as well as please the eye.
It comes from the core of our existence. 
In can imitate life or break the boundaries of normal existence.
It can help us see our surroundings in greater detail or bring us a whole new perspective.  It can take us to new heights and expand our awareness or just help us remember what the world was like when we first began discovering it. 
And, unlike languages, Art is universal. 

Expressing myself through color and design is a part of who I am.
I am interested in a wide variety of possibilities, from the beauty of a western landscape to the radiance of a single rose or the intricate pattern of a native american pottery design.
Whatever I paint, my goal is to recapture the feeling of awe and wonder of a child's first discovery and reflect that glorious sense
of discovery back to the viewer. 

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